Who we are

Blackbox controls in a UK based technology company who specialise in the design, development and manufacture of electronic sensors.

Over the last decade, we have innovated with intelligent design to bring high end sensing capability to a price point never seen before.

Simple data, a world of possibilities- introducing LoRaWAN

Blackbox Controls has been at the forefront of development of LoRaWAN sensors.

Using LoRaWAN, our sensors can transmit data upto 1km. The remarkable technology uses incredibly low energy, typically 5 years between battery changes.

Our Projects

Header Tank Sensor

A client in the UK had a requirement for a very sensitive sensor tube that would detect the level of the water.


Swimming Pool Top Up

A simple homeowner device that will top up a swimming pool automatically when the water level has dropped.


Automated Rodent Control

Every business has rodent control. Blackbox Controls have developed, using the LoRa network an automated rodent control system.


LoRa Wireless Technology

This is relatively new technology which gives you the ability to design and manufacture products that require the ability to be battery operated and can operate over greater distances than what would be expected of a wifi coverage.

Black Box Controls Limited produces products to customer’s specifications to work in environments where the product will be up to 1km away from the nearest wifi signal.

Looking for a product that would benefit from the LoRa wireless technology?

Contact the experts, who can design and build a range of products utilising the LoRa network