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•  Bluetooth Interface

Using an Android or Apple iPhone you can connect to a MERAID fluid sensor to read the liquid level and tank temperature.

A simple log function allows you to store level readings on the phone and share it with any email account or cloud storage.



MERAID Bluetooth interface presentation


MERAID Bluetooth interface datasheet


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The Black Box Controls MERAID range of sensors and gauges are designed and manufactured in the UK. Many years of experience in electronic hardware design and controller software coding has made the MERAID a world beating product line.


Research by large global telecommunication companies show that being able to remotly connect to machinary to monitor and control is growing at an explosive 150% per year. So far over 4 billion remote machines are connected.

Black Box Controls has low cost solutions to provide remote connections.


The Black Box Controls MERAID range of sensors have been designed to fit into any application. We own all the design and production rights and we can modify the MERAID range of sensors and gauges to suit your application giving you a route to very low cost fluid level sensing with monitoring, control or remote access.

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